How to Promote Your Wordpress And Blog Website

How to Promote Your Wordpress And Blog Website

” How to Promote Your Wordpress And Blog Website “

Promote Your Wordpress And Blog Website

Having a good looking, user-friendly insightful blog is not enough to ensure its success. The most important thing about such a service is that people know it exists before they can appreciate it hence you should always take the promotion of your blog very seriously if desired results are to be attained.


1. Promote Your Wordpress And Blog Website
2. Marketing
3. The Nature of the niche today
4. Publicity Trends To Follow
    4.1. Content Quality
    4.2. Competition in the niche
    4.3. Design Needs
    4.4. Social Media as a Marketing Tool
           >> Facebook Groups/ page
           >> Add media share icons
    4.5. Always Use the guest posting
    4.6. Pay Attention to SEO
           >> Creating unique and search-optimized content/blog posts
           >> Meta tags and Title tags
    4.7. Bookmarking
    4.8. Make use of YouTube videos
    4.9. Email marketing
    4.10. Update your content regularly

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Marketing has always been a perfect tool for making more people know about your business. Today you can get leads targeting your preferred market or people you believe will be most interested in your merchandise or brand. The availability of innovative marketing techniques makes such targeted publicity possible.

It is a need in any business to communicate well the message of your business to as many people as possible. More precisely, in that case of a blogger, posts can be optimized to gain higher viewing through different internet sites and mediums, where traffic can be directed towards the page with our blog content.

The Nature of the niche today

These days It is even a more grueling task trying to male a created blog into a hit thanks to the tough and surplus competition in the market. Techrider has identified how important it is to keep in touch with the latest marketing trends, especially the panda and penguin updates from Google. These blog promotion techniques are always updated or changed and never stay identical.

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Publicity Trends To Follow

That’s why Techrider has gathered new trends useful to you now in 2020 and that will achieve the best WordPress blog publicity available and drive traffic towards your blog.

Content Quality

First I cannot hammer in this well enough, because it is of utmost importance to create quality and engaging content. The very start to achieving your goal should be the production of content that can keep the user’s attention when they visit your blogs and/or WordPress websites. The best forms of content have some or all of these characteristics: they are viewed as professional, insightful, and also attractive.

Competition in the niche

It is no longer news that there are plenty of individuals within the same area as you even down to your niche if not very unique already jas good competition, calling attention, and keeping it is paramount. Confirm to your readers that you write a blog post that will solve their problems and supply them with very rich reading experience.

Consequently, the said content must fulfill the targeted audience’s needs. There is no replacement for this as the easiest way possible to increase readers and keep them is to supply them with the kind of material they need the most. That said, there are steps even before you get to the point of creating content which you must follow as well to achieve good results.


Dell XPS 15

Design Needs

During creation of your web page, use the foremost and suitable theme for the type of content you intend to put on it.

A blog’s overall appearance can make or break your site‘s perception, the design is the first impressions and users will not make it as far as the contents if the design does not impress. Web design can be such a crucial factor in deciding page growth as it offers tourists a primary and eventual final experience. You should make it a point to search for issues that convey the right personality your blogs need.

At this point we can consider content, take time when choosing a subject, choose one that is good, and may improve your blog’s usability. People are usually about what they can benefit from so that might be a great angle for content creation. Just remember excellent user experience urges users to stay on your blog for longer.


Social Media as a Marketing Tool

Social media marketing has brought results for lots of people in the content making field and beyond especially blogs. Advertising your blog articles on social networking platforms like Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Twitter helps drive more web traffic to the original medium where you have placed your content. you’ll publish it on your preferred medium which is a blog web site in this case and distribute parts the content or link to it on other related communities.

Facebook Groups/ page

Another way to keep a good following is to also create a Facebook page or group featuring all of your already existing users and targeted visitors, here you share updates on your content, links to your blog post or the entire article itself.

Add media share icons

In your Wordpress and blog post, Techrider also encourages you to also attach social networking icons so your users are motivated to share your content along with on his or her social media profiles. This effect is also greatly enhanced by sharing useful informative content.



Always Use the guest posting

Guest posting is a phenomenon that allows a guest writer to share a blog post or an essay on your blog to the web site, this, of course, is subject to your approval and screening before the end-user gets to see them. You may think that this does not help increase our blog’s web presence in any way but it does because it is a wise cost-effective way to advertise your blog online to writers who have audiences they can drive to your page as well and they will stay on if you have good content.

Another good thing the guest post does for you is that it also gives you external links posted by encouraged local or international guest writers on several computer program authority web sites that in turn improve your search ranking.

Pay Attention to SEO

Ensure that the URLs contained in your blog posts contain correct keywords which you’ll also use to optimize your content.

WordPress has a feature that automatically creates a permalink for you, all you have to do is confirm it is rich in keywords and readable until you click publish. You have to try to customize the permalink so that it represents what the visitor needs.



Creating unique and search-optimized content/blog posts:

You can research the best keywords you can use using search engine suggestions on Google, Twitter, Yahoo, and other search engines. Google also has a tool for this called the ”keyword planner”. You must use the research to tailor your page title, article title, and content too.

WordPress delivers a wide spread of plug-ins you can use to optimize SEO through writing the wholesome of your content. Some of them are Yoast SEO and All In SEO, and a lot more. They make the meta and title tags for an element very simple to implement.

Meta tags and Title tags

Talking about meta and title tags you must include all of the relevant keywords in them, they also have to be easily readable, and must identify with the content correctly.


One thing most people tend to overlook is the extra traffic that comes with adding your blog post to social bookmarking sites. Make no mistake they are a good way to get some extra reads in your article and attract new readers but might have the opposite effect if users deem the site a low-quality one so you must identify with the best.


Make readability adjustments

Make use of YouTube videos

YouTube allows uploading video content as its primary use, when a video is used for marketing it has been reported to get more conversions and interest than other usable formats. The provision of a perfectly conveyed audio-visual message gives the extra urge for your potential users.

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the key avenues through which a blog can be marketed even in today’s world. you use the email list created through time to target already interested users and have them revisit your site. It can also be targeted at getting new subscribers but a platform must already be in place to have them join your email subscribers list.

The subscribers of your email lists can greatly facilitate your post and spread it on multiple online sites hereby encouraging it. So it’s good to create a mass email list and alert them about your content as you put them out.

Update your content regularly

Consistency is key!!. You have to repeatedly update content on your blog. As you know the competition is very high nowadays so you can be easily forgotten or lose readers to other bloggers that’s why you have to be updated at all times.

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